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Power Windows Auto Roll Up Module Universal

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Power Windows Auto Roll Up Module Universal

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Product Detail :-

  • Universal Auto Power Window Roll Up Module
  • Works with all cars having power window and central lock
  • This module will close all windows of your car when you lock your car from your central lock remote.
  • Now no need to check and close the windows before leaving the car
  • Just lock the car and the windows will close automatically
  • Can be wired with 2 Power windows or 4 power windows + 1 Sun Roof
  • Auto Stop function - Windows will auto stop if there is any obstacle in between. This feature is useful for people with children as it will stop the window from closing if the child puts the hand or arm in the window. 
  • Simple and easy wiring

Please note:-

  • Your car must have power windows installed in either 2 door or 4 door, then only the windows will roll up automatically.
  • Your car must have Central locking system with OR without remote.
  • This device can be activated with positive or negative wiring. Either a car runs on positive wiring or negative wiring, please check the central lock wiring and connect the right wire as per the user manual. 
  • You cant install this yourself, take it to anyone who can fit stereo / wire man.
  • While installing tell the wire man to keep the socket side of the circuit box upside down. Meaning socket is facing ground. To be fitted in door.
  • Comes with Automatic stop feature if in case a hand is stuck in power window while rolling up.

Package Includes:-

  • 1 auto window roll up module
  • 1 wiring harness

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